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Healing Crystals, Healing Stones, and More!


  • Are you in need of physical or emotional healing?

  • Do you seek to enhance your creativity or spice up your love life?

  • Is your goal prosperity?  Greater insight?  Spiritual growth?

  • Do you love rocks, crystals, or fossils?


Since the dawn of human history, ancient lore has ascribed mystical powers to the natural world.  Now you, too, can channel the healing energy of nature with our wide selection of stone and crystal treasures.

amethyst crystalsCome explore our amazing collection of crystal specimens, from Amethyst to Zeolite!  Gaze into the future with Crystal Balls and Pendulums.  Focus your healing power with Massage Wands, Crystal Points, and Obelisks.

Let our healing crystals and gemstones guide you along the path of your personal quest, to help you attain your deepest desires.  Whether you are drawn to the soothing smoothness of tumbled stones, to the focusing power of cut-and-polished shapes, or perhaps to the  glorious wonder of crystals in their natural forms, here you will find the healing stones and crystals that are just right for you and your unique configuration of needs, goals, and energies.

Crystal Healing.  Meditation.  Reiki.  Scrying.  Wicca.

zeolite crystalsWhatever path has led you here, welcome.  Whatever your ultimate destination, our desire is to provide the support and resources for your healing journey, and to help you attain your dreams.

The power lies within you.  May it bring you health and happiness.




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