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Fossil Bag Collection Kit

Instant Fossil Collection


Here's the perfect starter kit for budding paleontologists.  Includes 11 genuine fossils in one bag!  (Yes, we know, the bag says 10.)

Fossils included are:

Trilobite - Ammonite - Dinosaur Bone - Gastropod - Petrified Wood - Echinoid - Shark Tooth - Brachiopod - Algae - Coral - Crinoid

Fossils range in size from 1/2" - 1" and each includes a brief write-up.  Also included are a Geological Time Chart and a small plastic magnifying glass.

A great introduction to the world of fossils.

Fossil Collection    $25.00

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How Do Fossils Form?

Most animals and plants don't turn into fossils after they die.  Conditions have to be just right, including rapid burial by sediments.  If a plant or animal dies and is quickly buried by sediments like mud and sand, the organic matter eventually decays.  Accumulating pressure turns the surrounding sediments into rock.  Over time, water rich in minerals seeps through the rock, and the minerals crystallize to replace the original organic structure.  Millions of years later, geologic forces bring the fossil-containing rock to the earth's surface, where it may be eroded by wind and rain, exposing the fossil to discovery.


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