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amethyst crystals Amethyst is said to bring serenity, peace, courage, inner strength, and happiness.  It can help fight addictions of all kinds, as well as ease the pain of grief.  It is excellent for meditation, dream work, past life work, and enhancing psychic abilities.  Healers use amethyst to help with arthritis, pain relief (especially headaches), and insomnia, as well as deficiencies of the circulatory, endocrine, and immune systems.  Amethyst is reputedly helpful with legal problems or money issues.  It is associated with the Brow and the Crown chakras.

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anandalite crystals Anandalite (also known as Aurora Quartz or Rainbow Quartz) is named for the Sanskrit word meaning "Divine Bliss."  It is a healing stone considered to stimulate the kundalini energies in the body.  It enhances self-awakening and helps fulfill one's true potential.  It can ease disappointment, as well as bring joy and happiness.

See Anandalite



Aragonite Crystals

Aragonite is a carbonate mineral that comes in a diverse variety of crystalline forms.  It is named after the Aragon River in Spain, where it was first discovered.  It is a stabilizing stone often used in meditation, and is used to fight against anger and stress.  Aragonite brings insight and focuses concentration.   It teaches acceptance, patience, and flexibility.  Aragonite also encourages conservation and recycling.

See Aragonite Crystals



Celestite Crystals Celestite is used to inspire creative expression and to raise awareness.  It can reduce stress and bring inner peace.  It is said to sharpen the mind and help the analysis of complex ideas.  It is a gently energizing crystal good for banishing dark moods and sadness.  It is excellent for dream recall and astral travel.  Celestite can be used to balance the Throat Chakra.  Place it the Brow or Third Eye Chakra to heighten spiritual awareness.

See Celestite Crystals



citrine crystals Citrine is said to promote prosperity and success, especially in business.  It is known for increasing will power, happiness, mental clarity, and confidence.  Citrine may also bring good luck.  It is an excellent protective stone, enhancing the body's healing energy.  It is associated with the solar plexus chakra.

See Citrine Crystals




Copper Copper is an excellent conductor of energy.  It amplifies healing energy and stimulates the flow of psychic energies.  Copper can help fight fatigue and lethargy.  It increases optimism, and promotes self-acceptance and self-esteem.  Calming and balancing.

See Copper



dogtooth calcite Dogtooth Calcite is used as an energy amplifier.  It clears and activates all chakras.  It is excellent for meditation, and is said to connect the physical to the spiritual.  It is used to stimulate insight and boost memory, and is excellent for study.  It removes friction and dissonance, creating clarity.

See Dogtooth Calcite




Galena Crystals Galena is a protective stone as well as a powerful grounding stone.  It amplifies courage and strength in the face of difficulty.  It is a transformation stone that is effective when embarking on a personal spiritual journey.  Galena brings calmness, harmony, and insight.

See Galena




Hematite Hematite is reputed to have a positive effect on bloodstream.  It helps increase resistance to stress, and to strengthen physical and etheric bodies.  Hematite is very energizing.  It is believed to enhance personal magnetism, increase optimism, and strengthen will power and courage. 

See Hematite




Hemimorphite Crystals Hemimorphite enhances self-esteem and self-confidence. It assists in self-transformation and personal growth. It protects against malice and attracts good luck. It is excellent for meditation. Hemimorphite is said to bring joy and creativity into one's life. It also helps balance male-female energy.

See Hemimorphite




Herkimer Diamonds Herkimer Diamonds are powerful energy amplifiers, often used with other stones and crystals.  They focus mental and emotional clarity, helping you to see yourself and others clearly.  Herkimer Diamonds can help achieve emotional balance, as well as harmony and understanding between people.  They are also said to stimulate psychic abilities and to promote dream recall.

See Herkimer Diamonds




Iron Pyrite Crystals

Iron Pyrite, also known as "Fool's Gold," is believed to strengthen willpower and promote positive thinking.  It is an excellent energy shield that blocks negative energy to overcome inertia and feelings of inadequacy.  Iron Pyrite encourages harmony, and helps tap into one's abilities and unexplored potential.

See Iron Pyrite



Kyanite Crystals

Kyanite is excellent crystal for meditation, and does not absorb negative energy.  It helps to attain tranquility and serenity, and drives away stress, confusion, anger, and frustration.   Kyanite promotes loyalty and fair treatment to others, and helps open the lines of communication between people with different beliefs and ideas.

See Kyanite



Labradorite Crystals

Labradorite is a feldspar mineral that displays an iridescent play of colors known as Labradorescence.  Hold a rainbow in your hand!  Labradorite enhances dream recall and intuition, and can help you find your true path in life.  It's no wonder that Labradorite also helps relieve stress and anxiety - just holding one of these polished pieces feels soothing!

See Labradorite



lemurian seed crystals


Lemurian Seed Crystals are quartz points with horizontal striations that are believed to represent "bar codes" programmed with the wisdom and peaceful energy of the ancient civilization of Lemuria.  Excellent for removing energy blockages, opening the heart, and for other healing work.

See Lemurian Seed Crystals




Magnetite Magnetite is a grounding stone that is also used by crystal healers to realign energy flows in the body. It balances the intellect with inner emotions to bring about stability. It strengthens trust in one's own intuition, and aids mental telepathy. Magnetite attracts love, commitment, and loyalty, and offers relief from negative emotions.

See Magnetite


Malachite Crystals Malachite is a stone of protection and balance.  It helps to encourage risk-taking and increase concentration.  Malachite is said to open the heart to unconditional love and to counteract self-destructive romantic tendencies.  It is also reputed to help achieve business success.

See Malachite



Orange Calcite Crystals Orange Calcite clears and creates an open mind, enhancing creativity.  It is helpful in all new beginnings and life changes.  Orange Calcite is said to alleviate fear and depression, and help heal sorrow and grief.  Orange Calcite can help you to attain joy and peace.

See Orange Calcite



quartz crystals

Clear quartz promotes harmony and balance, and can also amplify energy and focus thought processes.  It is a powerful crystal for purification, and is often used to cleanse other crystals.  Historically, it has been used to counter black magic because of its strong protective qualities.  Quartz is reputed to activate the pineal and pituitary glands, and to perform diagnostic healing.  It is associated with the Crown chakra, but works well on all chakras.

See Quartz Crystals



Desert Rose Selenite Crystals

Selenite can enhance will power and decision-making.  It aids powers of concentration and clarity, and is excellent for meditation.  Selenite is known to remove energy blocks.  It is a stone of truth and honesty.

See Selenite (Desert Rose) Crystals



spirit quartz crystals Beautiful Spirit Quartz clusters combine both amethyst and citrine crystals.  Spirit Quartz stimulates the intellect and banishes negative energy.  It is excellent for meditation and boosting psychic abilities.  It can strengthen cohesiveness and willingness to work, and provide insight into family and community problems.  It also helps to overcome prejudice.  Spirit Quartz is associated both with the Solar Plexus chakra and the Crown chakra.

See Spirit Quartz Crystals



Tourmaline Tourmaline is a very protective stone against negative energies like jealousy, anger, and resentment.  It amplifies compassion, good will, and tolerance.  Tourmaline increases calmness, serenity, and happiness.  It helps to focus the intellect and increase concentration.  Excellent for channeling.

See Tourmaline




zeolites Zeolites are a diverse family of crystals that are excellent for removing toxins, whether in the environment or inside a person.  They are often used in conjunction with Reiki.  They can remove negative energy, replacing it with happiness.  Zeolites are said to be helpful with goiter and bloating, and are useful with agriculture or gardening when buried in the field or garden.  Zeolites can also enhance psychic abilities.  They are associated with the Crown chakra.

See Zeolites




Crystal Key Chains

Crystals range from 1.25" - 1.5" in length.
(Pictures shown are examples; the Key Chain you receive will be similar but different.)

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Amethyst Crystal Key Chain
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How Do Crystals Form?

Crystals are orderly arrangements of pure substances that form as their atoms move closer together.  Diamonds, for example, are pure carbon, while quartz is pure silicon dioxide.  The smooth faces of crystals are caused by the regular internal arrangement of atoms.

Most crystals form from lava or magma as the molten rock cools.  The slower the cooling, the larger the crystals grow.  Temperature and pressure are major factors in determining the rate of cooling.

Other crystals are deposited from an aqueous solution as water evaporates, like salt or limestone crystals.


Cleansing and Programming Your Crystals

Here's an excellent video on Healing Crystals called "How To Cleanse Your Crystals: 6 Quick & Easy Methods."  Crystal Healing expert Adrienne Goff demonstrates crystal cleansing techniques including:

  • Sage

  • Water

  • Sunlight

  • Moonlight

  • Salt

  • Pyramids

  • Your Own Personal Energy

Choose the method that's right for you and your crystals.  These techniques are simple and do not require lots of time.
Watch Healing Crystals video now

Once your crystal has been cleansed, you can also program it for specific purposes.  Hold the crystal in your hand.  Close your eyes.  Visualize the purpose you wish to program your crystal for.  Focus, breathing deeply, until the visualization is complete and all-encompassing.  Then softly say, "I dedicate this crystal to (whatever you wish its purpose to be)."

When using your crystal, the most important rule is to be guided by your intuition, and not by what someone else says is right or wrong.  It is your personal crystal, attuned to your unique strengths, desires, and energy.  No one knows your crystal better than you do.

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